Rental Property Flea Treatments

Moving out of a rental..?

So you’ve been allowed to keep pets at your rental property and a condition upon vacating the premises is that a professional flea treatment is carried out… RID PEST CONTROL can help!

RID Pest aim to make the vacate of your rental as easy as possible. We have put together an affordable rental vacate pest control service that ensures that you can satisfy your real estate’s requirements and not need to engage in a detailed and less affordable flea treatment.

RID Pest Control Ballarat will complete the treatment and provide you with the relevant documentation that you can provide to your real estate agent / property manager.

Your vacate flea treatment must be carried out after the carpets are cleaned so we recommend that you contact your carpet cleaner first and then contact RID Pest Control to book.

Fleas can be difficult to treat if you have an existing flea infestation and in such a case we will be required to complete a more extensive treatment that cannot be provided at such an affordable price. If you know there is a flea infestation please contact us for help.

How vacate flea treatments work?

  1. You book in you vacate flea treatment for the rented premises;
  2. RID will attend the scheduled appointment and commence a pre-treatment inspection that includes;
    1. Assessment to confirm there is no active flea infestation;
    2. Check carpets have been cleaned; and
    3. Check the property is free from pets, furniture and people.
  3. RID will carry out the vacate flea treatment and complete the required report for completion.

Please note: You will be required to completely vacate the property for a few hours after treatment – this shouldn’t be an issue because you should have moved out but any last minute cleaning should not be arranged for the day of our treatment.

To help make your move easier RID are able to pick-up keys from your property manager at no additional cost, lock and secure the property at completion.

As we do require payment to be made at the time of service we often meet tenants at the property for access, complete our pre-treatment inspection, accept payment and provide the required report and then complete treatment and lock up for you to ensure you don’t need to hang around wasting your time. The alternative is tenants leave a key hidden at the property for us.

Have questions? Give us a call on 0414 567 977 and we’ll answer them!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after carpets are cleaned can you complete your treatment?

Right after carpets are cleaned! If you use a professional steam cleaning carpet cleaner then once they’re done the carpets in particular won’t be too wet for treatment.

How soon can we re-enter the property?

It is a recommended safety precaution that no one accesses the property for 1-2 hours after treatment! At the very earliest not until treatment completely dries! In summer this could be as little as 30 minutes. In winter this can be as much as 2 hours. Generally once carpets are completely dry, entry is 100% safe.

Is there a warranty with this service?

Yes! Because you are moving on to another property and subsequently provide evidence of treatment to the real estate the warranty applies to the property and it is the real estate that will contact us if there are any concerns. Keeps the hassle from you in the rare event that fleas show up after you hand back the keys!

Why is a professional vacate flea treatment required?

This is perhaps a query of contention with tenants. In short, because the real estate wants to ensure the incoming tenants don’t have to live with fleas! Ultimately when the real estate agreed to allowing pets to be kept at the property you would have signed a document agreeing that you would have a professional flea treatment completed upon vacating. This makes sense as pets are the host for flea infestations in homes. We often state to tenants, ‘you wouldn’t want to move into a property with fleas would you’.

Why can’t I just use flea bombs?

We don’t use them and neither should you!
A lot of tenants believe we use a bomb of some description.. this isn’t even close to what we do! Flea bombs available at supermarkets have been scientifically proven NOT to control flea infestations.
The techniques used in our vacate flea treatments is the use of pesticide formulations in a liquid form, we essentially spray for our treatment, and do not use any aerosol or bomb type products because we are licensed professionals who provide real results.

We work with any real estate including:

  • Harcourts Ballarat
  • Fletchers Ballarat (Formerly WIlsons)
  • PRD Ballarat
  • Ballarat Real Estate
  • Trevor Petrie Real Estate
  • Ballarat Property Agents
  • Buxton Ballarat
  • Jellis Craig Ballarat
  • McGrath Ballarat
  • One Agency Ballarat
  • Any other Ballarat / Western Victoria real estate in our service area.

Need a price..?

Ballarat’s best pest control – rental property vacate flea treatments made easy!

Average sized property – Fixed Price $175.00*

*Some properties are larger than average and upon our initial site assessment we’ll advise if the cost will vary from that quoted. Payment required on the day of appointment or prior to ensure required paperwork can be issued.

Also note: an active flea infestation will not be resolved by our affordable vacate flea treatment option – we’ll assess the premises before starting work to be sure we are providing the right treatment!

You can submit a booking request for your rental property by clicking the ‘Book Now’ tab above.

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NB: Please ensure the booking date and time entered is AFTER the carpet cleaner has completed their work.

    * Indicates required information.
    We may contact the real estate agent provided for keys / access if you indicate this is the preferred option. We require payment upfront for vacate flea treatments