Possum Removal

Cute and seemingly cuddly they may be, but once possums decide your roof void is home, cute no longer seems an appropriate description.

  • Possums are native Australian animals and are a fully protected species.
  • Current laws prevent possum removal from the area they currently reside.
  • They can be humanely trapped and released only by licensed operators.ballarat-possum-removal

RID Pest Control offer possum removal services to ensure you’ll get back the peace and quiet you probably once had. Don’t you hate it when you’re ready to sleep their nocturnal instincts see them most active at night and being noisy and smelly the only real solution is removal!

We’re well equipped and experienced with trapping and relocation of possums. We operate in accordance with relevant laws protecting possums.

We’re Ballarat’s only licensed operators that are able to trap and remove problem possums and we have a wealth of experience and understanding of their behavior and typical entry points where as a part of our service we will inspect the roof area for the entry point enabling the homeowner to carry out necessary repairs to prevent the possum returning. We even carry out minor repairs as part of the service but given we’re not carpenters or roofers we can’t repair everything.

In addition to the trapping and removal service we can spray affected areas with a repellent spray specifically made to repel possums for the short term to enable home owners time to effect repairs if needed.

TIP: DIY Pest Control

A repellent brew made from boiling water and Quassia chips (Quassia ameria)  can be applied to individual trees or shrubs for temporary protection against the Brushtail and other possums. Allowed to cool, it is applied to the bark or foliage. It is extremely bitter.
It should be remembered that repellents give only short-term protection and give no protection to new growth. Repellents seldom work on plants that are very attractive to animals and almost never prevent them from scurrying across treated areas for refuge inside your roof.

Get RID of em’ with RID Pest Control…..!

Possum removal can be a simple task or a long drawn out task because there is no telling how many possums are within your roof.
In our experience there is usually a breeding pair but we have seen instances where there is a whole family consisting of 10+ possums in one roof void.

We charge an initial cost of $80 which includes a site inspection, setup of trap and then we charge a per visit cost of $40 for each possum we attend to removing.

We also apply a deterrent spray to roof area’s and other places possums might congregate. Any access points, within reason, are blocked up and secured also.

In terms of costs to be expected: We set the trap, and on night one a possum is caught…. We attend on day 2 to remove the possum and reset the trap. Night 2 a possum is caught so we return on day 3 to remove the possum and reset the trap. No possum is caught on night 3 or beyond and we collect the trap when we are next in your area. Total cost: $160.00

Price Guide

Expect to pay $100-$200

For more details and a more accurate price give us a call and we’ll happily discuss your possum problem with you.