Termite Barriers

The Building Code of Australia states that if primary building elements in new building work (including extensions) are susceptible to termite attack, protective measures must be taken.

Termite barriers currently fall into two separate categories:

  • Chemical Termite Barriers
  • Physical Termite Barriers

Termite barriers provide protection from potential termite infestations with available treatments and methods varying, depending on the type of foundations & construction materials.

RID Pest Control offer both pre-construction and post construction termite barrier services that are Australian Standards (AS 3660) & Australian Building Code compliant.

Chemical Termite Barriers

A chemical termite barrier involves applying a chemical liquid to the soil, either under a concrete slab or around the entire perimeter of slab edge.
Chemical barriers can in some forms be applied post construction.

We use Termidor, Premise and Biflex among others for termite chemical barrier treatments.

Physical Barriers

A physical termite barrier protects your property by preventing the entry of termites and is usually installed during building construction, typically prior to the slab being poured.

You should consider a physical termite barrier when:

  • Building a new home.
  • Adding an extension to an existing home.

RID Pest Control are able to provide a range of physical termite barrier options to suit your exact needs. We offer a good range of options to suit your needs.

Termite Management Systems, Components & Products used by RID Pest Control include:

  • Term-Seal Accredited Installers (Full Range)
  • Greenzone Accredited Installers
  • Camilleri Reticulation Systems
  • Sentricon Always Active
  • Termidor Residual Termiticide
  • Maxxthor Termiticide
  • HomeGuard by FMC
  • TermStop Reticulation
  • Altis Reticulation Systems
  • Many Others Available.

For further information about termite barriers and treatment options please contact us.

We are able to tailor customised physical barriers and termite protection systems for both post and pre-construction termite prevention treatments or now referred to as Termite Management Systems as part of AS 3660.1-2014.

We can also deploy drill and inject, trench and treat methods in a more manual and post construction approach to termite management as per AS 3660.2.

RID Pest Control technicians have been trained in and licensed in New South Wales & Victoria and are incredibly skilled and experienced with termite management and treatment. We know termites aren’t as active in the Ballarat region as warmer areas in Australia so we’ve gained valuable experience working in areas with catastrophic termite activity. Would you trust a pest controller who barely knows what a termite looks like? We’re forever taking on termite work in our region that the other pest control operators in our area just can’t eradicate!

We’ll get RID of ’em even when the others can’t!

Termite barrier treatments are typically custom designed to suit your needs They will vary depending upon the building, construction phase, the type of barrier required and other specific factors.

We’re unable to provide accurate pricing information without first consulting with you to better understand what work is required.

Get in touch with David at RID Pest Control today to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide you with an obligation free quotation.

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