You’ve probably got questions? Here we have some of the most common questions we receive from our customers. If your question is not answered here, please get in contact and a professional pest control operator will assist you!

Do you offer a warranty on your services?

Most services carry a full warranty that includes a free service period, which means if you’re still having pest problems during the warranty period, we’ll get RID of em’ FREE. The length of the warranty will vary from service to service.

Are the chemicals you use safe for humans?

Whilst we enforce a number of safety precautions the chemicals used by RID are safe for humans, especially if our safety briefing is followed carefully. You’ll find some in some instances chemicals can be harmful for a short period of time (EG: Fumigation) which is why we don’t allow persons entry to the premises until it is safe.

Will my pets be safe while you do your treatment?

Absolutely! Our services are never going to harm you pets! We do encourage you to cover or remove food bowls and will advise you if there are any other requirements before we start the work. A common concern around rodent baits is pets consuming them – we’re professional and are almost certain this won’t happen.

I found a strange looking bug, can you identify it?

Sure can! Catch it and keep it and we’ll be able to better identify the bug or pest. If you take a photo you can message that to us on facebook or even MMS – be sure to capture a sharp, in focus photo as close up as you can get.

Does the weather stop you from working?

Some of our services can’t be carried out when the weather does not permit – especially outside treatments, most services inside can be completed no matter the weather. We’ll advise you further if weather prevents us from completing the job.

Do I need to leave my home while you do your work?

No! Usually there is no need to leave the home, our services can be carried out around you even if you are pregnant, suffer asthma or suffer allergies. Some services will require you to vacate your home and we’ll advise you at booking if this is the case.

Are you licensed and insured?

Of course we are! We carry all the relevant documentation with us so don’t be shy to ask to see our stunning photo license though! They’re all mug shots! 

What areas do you service?

We service most of the Western region around Ballarat. It’s an extensive area. We cover everywhere from Stawell to Bacchus Marsh and Maryborough to Bannockburn and everything in between. Some of the towns we service include:

  • Pest Control in Ballarat
  • Pest Control in Sebastopol
  • Pest Control in Alfredton
  • Pest Control in Lucas
  • Pest Control in Ballan
  • Pest Control in Beaufort
  • Pest Control in Ararat
  • Pest Control in Meredith
  • Pest Control in Daylesford
  • Pest Control in Sebastopol
  • Pest Control in Bacchus Marsh
  • Pest Control in Avoca
  • Pest Control in Dereel
  • Pest Control in Skipton