Winter Pest Control Special

Rodent season is upon us! The cooler months bring rats and mice (rodents) into our homes for warmth, shelter and food!

Whilst we appreciate sharing is caring… we totally agree with the need to get RID of em’

The typical winter rodent invasion has started along with it a MOUSE PLAGUE!


Normally priced at $140.00 for a professional, comprehensive rodent treatment mention our online website special or inquire online and we’ll give you $30 off and PLUS a FREE spot treatment for spiders (the other pest we know you hate) that’ll include spraying the exterior entry/exit points and making sure your home does not look overrun with spiders for much longer!

PAY JUST $110.00 –  SAVING YOU $120.00

Hurry offer ends July 31, 2017.

Did you know? Rodents quite often feat on insects and spiders when other food is not available!