Carpet Beetles

In past years when home owners called in the pest controller to carry out an interior treatment, being most professional, they would almost always spray the skirting boards right throughout the house. Of course that was not all they did, but that interior perimeter treatment certainly controlled lots of inside insect pests.

That mode of treatment seems to be fading rapidly as most people are more conscious of pesticides and more often than not, opt for less, such as baits etc. or no chemicals at all. Our pest control cousins in USA rather mockingly refer to those that still carry out such treatments as “baseboard jockeys”

More is the pity (in some ways) because that type of treatment saved a lot of fabric floor coverings being destroyed by carpet beetles, and with modern, far less toxic chemicals it is still a viable strategy.

Ten years ago, few calls were about carpet beetles. That has all changed. Most home owners have steered away from 100% synthetic carpets, and opt for at least some wool content. Wool is very attractive to carpet beetles.
Adult carpet beetles cause no damage, but feed on nectar and pollens. Usually the adult beetles are transported inside on cut flowers, and once inside, will lay eggs close to a preferred food source, for the soon to be hatched larva. Most modern homes must seem like a smorgasbord to larvae.

Larvae cause all the damage, and they show a preference for a wide range of fabrics of mostly animal origin, that includes wool, blended wool/synthetics, fur, silk, clothes, fabrics, carpets, rugs, under felts, felts, fibre type insulating materials, and stored foods including dried meats, seeds, grains and cereals.Varied Carpet Beetle & Larvae

Prevention & Treatment for Carpet Beetles

You can help prevent carpet beetles by vacuuming carpets, rugs, soft furnishings and upholstery frequently and thoroughly is an absolute must. Even if not seen, the larvae will be collected when vacuuming. Inspect flowers and other organic matter bought into the home if you observe beetles inside you should discard the goods ideally.

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Carpet Beetle Treatment Price Guide

Carpet beetle problems can vary significantly in size and complexity. RID will start with an inspection and determine the scope or work required. This is obligation free and from there we will deliver a quote for comprehensive treatment.

As a guide most carpet beetle jobs are costed around $200.00

We have dealt with some significant carpet beetle infestations where they’re in the roof void, all through carpets and inside the sub floor as well, we are experienced with complex infestations and know that one price cannot fit all jobs. We’ll give you an expert assessment and cost after a site inspection and any price guide given on our website is purely a guide based on the average carpet beetle job dealt with by RID.