Termite Inspections

RID Pest Control Ballarat are fully qualified and experienced inspectors who can carry out a standard annual termite inspection on your home or a pre-purchase timber pest inspection of any home you’re looking to buy.

A routine ‘annual termite inspection‘ should be carried out every 12 months or less as recommended in the applicable Australian Standard 3660.2

A ‘pre-purchase timber pest inspection’ is specifically aimed at due diligence for any property acquisition and you should NEVER buy a home without one! These inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3

Routine Annual Termite Inspections

RID offers comprehensive annual termite inspections in accordance with CSIRO recommendations and the applicable Australian Standards (AS3660.2). These inspections vary from pre-purchase inspections and recommended at intervals not exceeding 12 months. Peace of mind for you and your family is affordably obtained with RID’s routine termite inspections.
Routine termite inspections aim to identify active termites, termite damage and other risk factors that can have an impact on your home and expose it to unnesessary termite attack.
Are you selling your home? Auction? Open for inspection?

Providing a Pre-Sale Inspection Report gives your property a unique selling advantage!

Avoid the embarrassment of a pest inspector finding termite activity after your house has been contracted or even sold!!

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Buying a home is usually the largest financial investment that we make in our lives, and everyone has heard horror stories of houses falling down from damage caused by timber pests and termites whose presence was not detected prior to the purchase.

No matter how old the house is, even brand new, it is possible for termites to already be present.

We are specialist termite and timber pest inspectors!
We use professional Flir thermal imaging cameras, Termatrac – termite detecting radar and traditional tools and methods to be able to report findings that your average inspector will not!

RID Pest Control’s comprehensive pre-purchase timber pest inspection aims to detect the presence of Timber Pests, Termites, Borers, Fungal Decay and other potential issues within the boundaries of any property you’re looking to buy. We also cover all of the risk factors (aka ‘Conducive Conditions’) to termite attack. We conduct these inspections in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 and exceed those requirements on each and every inspection!

Termite Damage, Internal Wall, External Wall, Retaining Wall

Did you know: According to statistical research, evidence of timber pest damage and activity is encountered in 1 in every 4 homes in Australia, so it is vital that you have a professional timber pest inspection performed…before you decide to buy.

A full written report is provided to you at the completion of every termite or timber pest inspection.

Our inspections are completed in accordance with best practices and Australian Standards – AS3660.2 for Termite Inspections & AS4349.3  for Timber Pest Inspections – our reports are to standard and offer explanation, depth and detail.

You will be able to count on the extensive local experience of RID Pest Control for your inspection because we draw upon extensive knowledge about your area… we are termite experts, we know what a termite looks like, we know how to treat termites, we understand their behaviours, ecology and have many years and 1000’s of inspections to our name! We don’t pretend to know what a termite is, we aren’t a building inspector who’s value adding for a few extra $$$ and providing a termite inspection without having the prerequisite experience in managing termites we know you need!

We’re the real deal and you’ll certainly get quality and peace of mind with RID Pest!

What’s in a Timber Pest Inspection Report?

After a comprehensive, non-invasive visual inspection of the entire premises, inside and out, we will provide you with a full and detailed written report that includes photos, advice and findings in the form of common sense recommendations, detailed observations and photo evidence… it’s all in our written report and we are always able to clarify everything in a follow up phone call to ensure any questions or concerns are completely addressed. Rest assured your inspector will call immediately if there are significant, unexpected and adverse findings during the inspection.

In the report:

    • Found Termite activity (if any);
    • Termite nests (if any);
    • Fungal Decay Wood Rot (if any);
    • Conducive conditions (areas of concern/risks associated with the structure or site)
    • Moisture problems; drainage problems & water leaks;
    • Suspect trees and stumps (if any);
    • Recommendations how to resolve any issues found;
    • Assessment of risk of future infestation / termite attack;
    • Recommendations for frequency of future inspections.
    • General pest observations – was there rats in the roof, silverfish in the bedroom, mice in the kitchen? We’ll let you know!

These are just some of the items within our report.

The average report is 19 pages long, you should read it top to bottom, the benefit of knowledge gained, insight and recommendation will place you miles ahead of others when it comes to understanding termite and timber pest risk, especially beneficial when making future changes to your home such as renovations and extensions.

We typically back up our reports with no limitations to the verbal consult and follow up call you will get 24-48 hours after your receive your report, we’ll answer all your questions, explain things in simple terms, tell you straight up about concerns and the like. It’s your opportunity to pick the brains of our experienced and knowledgeable inspectors, by the end of it all you should have peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Prices for termite and timber pest inspections do vary depending on the size of the property to be inspected and the inspection options chosen.


Generally we can provide price estimates based on the size of the property when provided. We gauge the size of a property we have not seen by the amount of bedrooms and living areas – provided they’re average sized and not incredibly grand etc.

Expect to pay the following for a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection in Ballarat.

Single storey: around $385 including GST (can vary based on size)

Double storey: around $400 including GST (can vary based on size)


  • Add-on full Termatrac radar inspection to all areas (skirting, architraves) (add ~3 hours): +$350.00
  • Complete thermal camera inspection: +$110.00
  • Video inspection walk through with commentary: +$110.00
  • Travel extra if out of Ballarat area, regional etc.
  • Extra cost may be added for multiple outbuildings, granny flats, bungalows etc which need to be included in the scope of our inspection.
  • Building (structural) Inspection with Report – We recommend your engage a qualified building inspector and typically for the ease of access we aim to go through at the same time as your chosen building inspector – we recommend Rex & Mark Peterson – builders and inspectors. Just let us both know you’re arranging inspections and we’ll coordinate to inspect at the same time with the agent in order or minimise the fuss for the Vendor or Tenant.

Assuming lot size is also average and not set upon anything more than a double block. Our inspections must cover all outbuildings, gardens, shedding etc and therefore these factors are considered when quoting for inspections.

The above prices are a guide only and based on an average property in the Ballarat township. We will provide you with a far more accurate quote upon contact and request for a quote. Include a link to the sales listing or address so we can quickly assess for size and give an accurate quote for our Pre Purchase or Termite Inspections.

Routine Annual Termite Inspection pricing:

Single Storey:  $250+

Double Storey: $275+

For a FREE personalised quote for your pre-purchase pest inspection or annual termite inspection please give us a call on 0414 567 977 or email us.

BUYER BEWARE: We’re experts when it comes to termites, we know what termites look like, we understand their ecology, are professionally qualified and very experienced in managing termite infestation…. and we have seen the devastation termites can cause, has your inspector?

It is our PROFESSIONAL ADVICE that you use a suitably experienced and qualified inspector for a ‘timber pest or termite inspection‘ and be sure to ask any other ‘inspection company’ how many homes they’ve treated for termites or even how well they understand the habits and ecology of a termite.

Can you trust an inexperienced & possibly ‘textbook qualified‘ inspector who pretends to be the jack of all trades to give you the all clear for what is likely to be your biggest investment?


You won’t see RID PEST CONTROL pretending to be a ‘building practitioner’ offering a pre purchase building inspection because whilst we do hold the suitable qualifications to carry out building inspections we’ve never built a house and don’t believe we are suitably experienced to report on structural defects in accordance with Australian Standards! We do not combine inspections or provide a better price for two inspections one report – The Australian Standards don’t permit this type of thing! Sadly in recent times there is a bit of a marketing stunt being pulled by inexperienced inspectors who want more $$$$ so they do combined inspection deals… check they are qualified, check they are experienced in termites, check they are licensed, check they are insured!