Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest spiders so it’s no surprise there is a considerable amount of fear and anxiety when a spider is around your home. While many of the spiders you will encounter are harmless, and because of their ability to prey on other insects many spiders are an excellent natural form of natural pest control, taking care of vast quantities of flies, mosquitoes and other spiders during their lifetime.

There are however a few species found around the Ballarat area that are highly venomous, very dangerous and can even be deadly. These include:

  • The red-back spider (Latrodectus hasselti) – The venom is highly toxic to humans but effective anti venom is widely available and no deaths have occurred since its development. If bitten you should seek medical attention as a bite can be fatal to the very young and elderly.
  • The white-tail spider (Lampona cylindrata) – Not an overly aggressive spider but when it bites it will cause severe swelling and pain around the bite. Not considered deadly but medical attention is essential.

Spiders - White tail, Huntsman, Red back, Black house spider

Pro Tip: An annual spider spray will keep ’em away! Best time for treatment is September, October or November.

Most other spiders found in our region are relatively harmless, however most are capable of inflicting a very painful bite and are often feared far more than anything else.

Spiders are commonly found in and around homes in the Ballarat and Western Victoria region with a spike in visible numbers observed during the warmer months. We receive regular calls for help with Huntsman Spiders, White Tail Spiders, Black House Spiders and other webbing spiders in Ballarat, Lucas, Sebastopol, Brown Hill, Gordon, Ballan, Daylesford, Creswick, Ararat, Beaufort, Alfredton, Buninyong, Mount Clear, Meredith, Ballarat North, Miners Rest, Wendouree, Enfield, Skipton, Western Victoria and surrounding areas.

Spider control and treatment is no problem for RID Pest Control, in fact we guarantee we’ll get RID of ’em

We suggest routine spider treatments every 12 months for most homes… this will ensure peace of mind and a spider free home. Our spider treatments include comprehensive inside and outside spraying, including dusting of roof voids, sub-floor areas and outdoor areas, fences and outdoor equipment. All spider treatments include our free service warranty which means if they come back so do we!

Professional spider treatment is also effective pest control for other pests including silverfish, cockroaches, fleas and other creepy crawlies so the benefits of letting us get RID of ’em are vast and will go a long way to keeping your home pest free!

Our spider treatment warranty covers the following spiders: red backs, black house spiders, daddy long legs, huntsman and all other webbing spiders. Spiders that are ground dwellers or hunters and don’t live in one place are typically not warranted for 100% eradication. We do however guarantee you’ll see a reduction in their numbers and with routine and annual treatments you probably won’t even see any of these guys at all. Eg: White tails and wolf spiders.

FREE: Download our FREE SPIDER IDENTIFICATION CHART which is sure to assist you in identifying spiders in and around your home.

If you’ve got spiders We’ll get RID of ’em GUARANTEED

Price Guide

The below prices are what you should expect to pay for most average sized homes which is inclusive of our comprehensive spider treatment, inside and out! Including sub floors, roof voids, weep holes, kids outside play equipment, and fences (standard block size)!

1-2 Bedroom House – Expect to pay around $240.00
3+ Bedroom House – Expect to pay around $280.00
4+ Bedrooms – Expect to pay around $300.00

This price guide is just that! A guide. We can say that most average sized homes the cost of treatment is $240-$300 and our pricing is based on the size of your home.

Your technician will let you know if there are any issues in the quoted price before commencing work given we can only estimate based on the information you provide us.

Complete a FREE QUOTE request for more accurate pricing.

We strive to offer the BEST PRICE and BEST SERVICE for spider treatment and eradication in Ballarat! We’ll also include a complimentary spider identification chart that we know the kids will love!