RID Pest Control maintain complete transparency and diligence in affording our customers consumer protections and sound policies applicable to the use and acceptance of our service offering.

Below you’ll locate multiple legal policies, click each one to read the fine print!

RID Pest provides general price guides on our website in an effort to allow consumers to be better advised as to the likely costs involved in professional pest control services that we offer.

There are a number of factors (time, materials, travel etc) that can impact upon our pricing and we always reserve the right to correctly factor pricing upon our initial arrival at a specific job and after a site inspection.

We provide pricing information in good faith and our price guides are just that! A guide.

Our price guides are based on an average sized home in the Ballarat area. We know our services well and you can be assured that pricing information displayed on our website is what the majority of our happy clients are charged for the applicable service.

We’re more than happy to give you a tailor made quote so you know what you’re up for before you engage our services. Usually we won’t need to inspect the site before providing a quote but we may require an inspection to deliver an accurate quotation – naturally we’ll do this with 0 obligation if we need to.

RID Rapid Spray – T’s & C’s

RID Pest Control offers the RID Rapid Spray special offer via marketing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and print media.

RID Rapid Spray is a special service offering not typically promoted by RID Pest Control.

The scope of the service includes an external perimeter spray of a single storey standard size residential home. Limitations apply:

  • Up to a 4 bedroom dwelling;
  • Single storey;
  • Standard Size Blocks Only; <900sq;
  • Pre appointment preparation must be completed by the client;
  • Includes external only treatment to your dwelling and will include fences, bins, letterbox etc.

Black Friday Sale – RID Rapid Spray booking must be arranged by 1 December 5pm and the special service must be scheduled for treatment before 24 December 2024.

RID Rapid Spray is valued at $264.00 and offered by way of special promotion for only $150.00, a saving of $114.00.

Your technician will address any unforeseen exclusions/concerns during their pre treatment inspection of your property.

Payment for a RID Rapid Spray is required at the commencement of your appointment or before.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with ANY OTHER OFFER, discount or promotion.

This offer is not available for after hours or public holiday appointments.

This offer is available within the Ballarat township and a radius of 10km from the Ballarat West Post Office. If you are located outside of these suburbs please enquire with us.

Offer subject to withdrawal at any time without notice. We will contact you after 12 months to promote an annual re treatment as is our standard practice.

Other terms and conditions may apply, contact us for full details.

RID Pest Control provide a warranty against many of our services.

Our warranties are offered in addition to the statutory rights and remedies that may be available to you under Australian Consumer Law.

Your invoice / service report will detail the warranty period provided for the services provided or the pests treated.

What is the RID warranty?

The RID warranty is essentially a FREE SERVICE PERIOD where we will provide remedial re treatment to the initially treated property AT NO FURTHER COST TO YOU. It’s our guarantee to you that we’ll get RID of them! So while in simple terms it’s a warranty we really believe it to be a free service period… as part of our customer care offering post treatment.

Your technician will explain the warranty to you and reasonable expectations and any limitations to the warranty based upon the specifics of your site / property. Warranties given expressly on the service report or invoice can vary from site to site and property to property and are not assured to be pest specific.

For example: We may warrant spider treatments for a period of 6 months in typical circumstances, however, there may be structural, design or environmental limitations that can mean we offer a lesser warranty of say, 3 months. The effectiveness of the treatment applied is assessed by the technician who performs the treatment and a reasonable warranty will be provided to you after consideration of any factors deemed to inhibit the effectiveness of our treatment. This will be explained to you on the day of treatment.

The warranty provided commences from the date of the service performed.

Any guarantee or warranty made by RID Pest Control shall not apply unless the customer has paid all monies owing for the services provided by us.

How a warranty claim works

Although unlikely, If after RID has treated a specific pest problem around your home you continue to experience an issue with the targeted pest(s) simply contact RID Pest Control by phone or email to discuss and we’ll schedule an appointment for us to re-attend and retreat the pests until they’re gone.

In fact we encourage every customer to contact us if something isn’t meeting their expectations! We GUARANTEE satisfaction and will re attend if you let us know something isn’t right.

Note: Some pests species we require time for the treatment to be  completely effective and therefore we may not provide a re treatment until a certain amount of time has passed. This is often because of the professional and specific nature of the products used and the fact that they may take some time to bring an infestation under control, your technician will provide details about this sort of thing at the time of your service.

For example: Spider treatments – we won’t retreat unless 4 weeks has passed since treatment. This is because we need to allow the residual effects of the products to start working.  For Rodents, we guarantee to get RID of them, and require a minimum 2 weeks before a re treatment to allow sufficient time for bait uptake and control.

Re treatments do not extend the warranty beyond the original warranty offered but are all about ensuring your expectations are met and that we’ve done what we said we would do!

While we understand that the common expectation is that once we’ve left your home there will be no more pests, our professional training, experience and knowledge assist us in knowing that this will not always be the case. We will aim to provide some initial advice and basic education specific to your pest problem at the conclusion of your treatment but it is important to understand that certain pests will necessarily remain for a short time after treatment because of the nature of the treatment. Eg: Rodents – need to allow some time post treatment for control.

For general pest and spider treatments areas and building elements such as sheds, fences, play equipment and other fully weather exposed areas are not covered by our normal warranty. Internal areas and well sheltered external areas that aren’t subject to such extreme environmental degradation are fully warranted.

Our written warranty policy doesn’t account entirely for the fact that we’re very passionately committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. We’d love to discuss any disappointments you may have and are always happy to remedy your concerns one way or another. Even after the warranty period! You might find some professional advice makes all the difference!

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We provide price guides as a baseline average cost charged to our previous customers with typical dwelling size and specification so whilst every effort is taken to provide pricing information that is a true representation of what we may charge you for our services you should consider asking us for a formal quote so you can obtain an accurately quoted cost for service.

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