Spider Treatment

Spiders can be everywhere but they don’t have to be in your home. RID Pest Control offer safe and effective spider eradication services. Read More >>>

Rats, Mice, Rodents Control

Save your pantry from being raided! Get your home rodent free and prevent rats and mice from making your home theirs. View more about RID’s Rodent Control >> services.

Wasps, Bees, Removed

The dog can’t stop trying to catch them and they get frighteningly close to us all summer long, Wasps can be history with RID Pest Control. Bee’s setup camp around your home? We can remove them! Wasps & Bees Eradicated >>

White Ants, Termites, Termite Treatment

Termites can cause devastating damage to your home, RID Pest Control kills termites. We also provide Termite Inspections, Pre-Purchase Insecptions and Other timber pest services also! Find Out More >>

Ants Treated, Pest Control Services

Forever invading the kitchen & the sugar jar… Ants move inside your home for food and shelter but you don’t need to keep feeding them! RID Pest can treat and eradicate any ant problem! Ant Control >>

Fleas, Rental Property Flea Treatments, Ballarat

They’ll make you itch like you’ve never itched before! Get RID of em’ or vacate your rental home in compliance with your lease after keeping pets! Fleas Eradicated >>

Possums in Ballarat, Removal, Pest Control

Possums are often referred to as pesky! They’re loud, smelling and keep you awake all night long! We can trap and release them so you can sleep again! Possum Removal >>

Cockroaches Infestations Eradicated, Treated, Ballarat

German, American, Australian… A Cockroach is a Cockroach! RID Pest Control takes these disgusting pests away from you home every time GUARANTEED! Get RID of Cockroaches >>

Snake Removal Ballarat, Emergency Response

We love being out in the sun but so do snakes! If you’ve got an unwanted slithering visitor we can urgently attend to catch and remove it for you! Snake Removal >>


Responsible for the destruction of some long cherished linen and the forever owned yet great books Silverfish can be incredibly destructive! Get RID of Silverfish >>


From borers to wood decay fungi and ventilation issues RID Pest Control are experts when it comes to dealing with all kinds timber pest problems! View more >>

More Pest Services

We provide other pest control services too! In fact there aren’t many pests we don’t have solutions for. View more services >>

Ballarat Pest Control service covering surrounding areas and based in Ballarat. Any pest problem, sprays, baits, trapping, pest extermination, consulting, auditing and pest control are services that we professionally offer. You get a professional pest service with 100% satisfaction assured. RID Pest Control Ballarat are your choice for professional, licensed pest management or pest control or  pest extermination in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Sovereign Pest Control Ballarat – RID Pest