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RID Pest Control are Ballarat’s RODENT PEST CONTROL EXPERTS!


Don’t bother with cheap and nasty supermarket options for removing rodents from Rodents nesting in house roof. Rodent Controlyour home as they’re regularly proven to be ineffective and can build immunity for future generations of rodents that will continue to reside in your home. Our rodent control services are effective, warranted and proven time and time again.

Our approach to the effective eradication of rodents is to assess your home first so we can develop a plan for treating the infestation. We’ll then give you some solid advice to avoid this problem in the future and within a week or so you’ll be RID of rodents!

The best application of treatment involves strategic placement of baits (rodenticide) that will aid in the rodents retreating away from your home to die!

How do I know when I’ve got rodents?

You’ll typically observe your pantry being eaten out, discovering the most incredible feats of chewing you’ve ever seen, you’ll start seeing mouse droppings around your home or you might lay at night hearing rats in the roof, scratching and carrying on! The most important step in rodent treatment is to take action the moment you first see the signs of rats or mice. Call RID right away for a rapid response to put a stop to their party!


  • A house mouse averages 50 droppings per day
  • Rats and Mice have the potential to transmit a number of diseases!
  • A female mouse can birth a litter in just 19 days from 8 weeks of age!
  • Rodents are believed to be responsible for approx. 20% of house fires.
  • Where people live the rat lives, where people eat the rat eats!

RID Pest Control offers the most effective rodent control options at the BEST PRICE! So book in today for a professional treatment with warranty!

Rats and Mice are history with RID Pest Control!

Rodent Treatment Price Guide

Expect to pay around $160 for most average sized homes in the Ballarat area!
Includes: Baiting inside, roof void, bait stations (1 incl. FREE) and site inspection / advice.

Remember we only use professional products and we guarantee to get RID of Rodents: rats and mice!.


We’re most busy with Rodent work during: Cooler months, May – September

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