Silverfish Pest Control Ballarat

Silverfish (Lepismatidae sp.) are small, soft bodied, wingless insects. They range in size from 12mm to about 18mm long, usually with a scaled, silvery colour over the upper surface. Their bodies are flattened, long and slender, and are broader at the front, gradually tapering toward the rear. They have long thread like antennae, plus three telltale filaments (cerci) extending off the rear of the abdomen.
They may live up to 4 years and will also moult up to four times.

Silverfish are often found in older homes in the Ballarat region with many reports from our customers of them infesting their homes shortly after bringing stored goods into the home from storage facilities etc We also hear stories of them being discovered in the linen cupboard and other seldom accessed areas within the home after much damage has been done.

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FACT: Silverfish can survive for several months to one year without food!

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Price Guide

Expect to pay between around $275+ for a comprehensive silverfish treatment!

Varies depending on extent of infestation and size of your home and our treatments include your roof space, sub floor, internal crack and crevice, internal skirting treatment. You will be required to complete some basic treatment preparation including removing stored items in cupboards and from under beds etc.

For a more accurate price, and detailed preparation instructions please request a quote.