The RID Experience

Our customers know first hand what The RID Experience really means… and they’re never disappointed! When you choose RID Pest Control you’ll come to know first hand why we’re Ballarat’s number one pest control experts!

RID Pest Control present to you something you won’t find at our competitors – a promise we know goes unmatched – as a customer, what you receive from RID will not fall short of our guarantees – all 3 of them!!

RID Pest Control provides 3 CORE GUARANTEES that are the basis of The RID Experience

Our Guarantees

We get RID or em’ or we come back for free*

Most of our services include a ‘free service period‘ or warranty where we guarantee that we get RID of em’

If they come back, we’ll come back and get RID of em’ at no further cost to you!


We promise that we are competitively priced, we routinely check with our competitors to ensure that we’re offering you services at the very BEST PRICE.

We’re so confident we have the best prices that if you dare to compare and provide us with a cheaper quote we’ll beat it! *

* Excludes commercial work. At the sole discretion of RID

We aren’t just expert pest exterminators!

RID Pest Control take customer service seriously and we understand that without the BEST SERVICE we can’t offer 100% customer satisfaction.

We guarantee we’ll provide the best service!

Naturally this means we provide our service with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction, if you’re disappointed with our customer service standards or the standard of our service overall, don’t hesitate to contact us for a fast resolution of your concerns!

We place a very strong emphasis on providing YOU the BEST SERVICE at the BEST PRICE!

This is no gimmick! It runs in our family and stems from our passion and dedication to do the best we can at everything we do! It’s in our DNA…. So when it comes to our family business it translates into a strong dedication to ensuring our long term success.
We understand that in business you won’t remain sustainable or successful without being good at what you do….so by being the very best pest control service and giving every one of our customers 100% satisfaction we make sure our passion lives on through our strong commitment to being the best in the business and this is what keeps us going each day!

If you believe we have not lived up to your expectations or we failed to deliver ‘The RID Experience’ we encourage you to give us feedback so we can work hard to address your concerns. Simply contact us!

* Our general warranty policy contains the nuts and bolts of our warranty and sets out what you can expect from us. It’s available for download here.