There are three main species of problem cockroaches that are common to Australia: the German, the American, and the Oriental cockroach these are among other species of cockroaches we encounter here in the Ballarat region.

A cockroach can travel through waste, faeces, sewers and drains and then contact food preparation surfaces, plates, utensils and foodstuffs. They carry disease-causing bacteria including salmonella and typhus and they are well known to trigger allergies and contribute to asthma.

The only approach to cockroaches is to GET RID of ‘EM! and RID Pest Control are the the local experts when it comes to cockroach eradication in domestic and commercial properties alike. 

Cockroach infestation requires rapid response at the first signs of activity to ensure they can be stopped and prevented from spreading to your neighbours property as well and the use of products available in retail stores is not recommended as these don’t usually provide complete life cycle control and it’ll be only a matter of time before they’re back!

GERMAN COCKROACHES (Blatella germanicaGerman_Cockroach_RID

German Cockroaches are by far the most common cockroach pest in our area and their presence can be a source of embarrassment and disgust. More importantly, they are a significant health concern.

Cockroaches reproduce quickly: The female German cockroach has the highest reproduction rate of all species of cockroaches. Egg capsules (ootheca) contain more eggs (around 45) and eggs hatch in a shorter time, and nymphs reach maturity quicker than any other cockroach. It is this rapid reproduction rate that allows cockroach populations to rebound so quickly after chemical treatment. Treatment applications must be thorough and frequent in order to stay ahead of the growth curve. This is why  home-generated treatments seldom work effectively.

AMERICAN COCKROACH (Periplaneta Americana)american_cockroach_RID

American cockroaches are possibly the largest that invade dwellings. Adults have a red/brown to black body with a pale yellow border around the pronotum (the section that joins the head to the thorax). Egg cases containing up to 16 eggs a re usually glued close to areas where food and water will easily be found.

ORIENTAL COCKROACH (Blatta orientalis)

The Oriental cockroach is a medium sized roach. Colouring ranges from dark brown to black. The female has somewhat reduced wings (present as buds). The male has larger wings that almost cover the abdomen. Egg cases are glued and usually contain up to 16 eggs. Development from nymph to adult can take from 6 to 18 months. Adult lifespan is somewhat shorter (from 3 to 6 months). The female may produce up to 14 egg cases during her adult life. Has a preference for cooler conditions that is reflected by its more southern distribution in Australia.


Cockroaches thrive in warm, humid environments: Since roaches originated in the tropics, their preference still leans towards higher temperatures and humidity levels. That’s one of the reasons why they infest kitchens and baths and why they congregate where there is heat-generating equipment like stoves, refrigerators, pipes and hot water heaters, etc. With higher heat and humidity levels, their reproductive rates are also accelerated.

Cockroaches are coprophagous: Roaches will eat anything that is organic but they have a particular predilection for each other’s faeces. Insecticidal baiting utilises this logic with excellent results. Cockroaches will feed on the bait, ingest a lethal dose and pass along the poison in its faeces. The faeces are in-turn consumed by his colleagues, who also are poisoned. This “domino effect” explains the success of the insecticidal baits that have been introduced in recent times.

Rid Pest Control has years of domestic and commercial experience in both cockroach elimination and prevention strategies so don’t hesitate calling in Ballarat’s most experienced and effective cockroach killers!


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Cockroach Treatment Price Guide

Expect to pay between $240 – $300+ for most average sized homes which is inclusive of our standard internal + voids + roof/subfloor cockroach treatment including gel baiting. More substantial cockroach infestations will likely require 2 or more visits to attain complete control and we’ll assess this situation and advise at our first appointment.

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