Other Timber Pests

Termites are not the only timber pests that we offer our professional services to, we also offer services towards the management and treatment for other timber pests & problems including Borers, Delignification, Wood Decay & Sub-Floor Ventilation.

Borers & Beetles

Borer Damage

RID Pest Control are experienced with all Borer & Beetle infestations and can offer treatment and advice for Lyctus brunneus borer (Powder post beetle), Anobium punctatum (Common furniture beetle), Calymmaderus incisus (Queensland pine beetle), Ambrosia beetles (pinhole borer) and other beetles and wood moths.
Typically we see borers in older homes within the Ballarat region and in furniture that has been bought from areas like NSW where borers are more prolific.

Many borer and beetle infestations go undetected for years, by which time damage can be widespread and severe and we offer timber pest inspections that aim to detect borers before they cause such damage.


Delignification is the deterioration of timber brought about by the chemical breakdown and the separation of the cell walls of timber. It is brought about by airborne chemicals and it occurs in both softwood (pored) and hardwood (non pored) timber. Also known as defibration of Timber. RID Pest Control can provide advice and assessment for any delignification issues you may encounter, we also report on such issues with every timber pest inspection which you should maintain every 12 months at a minimum.

Wood Decay

Most fungi that affects wood produces spores. Microscopic in size, they serve a similar purpose to the seeds of plants. They can be transported long distances by wind, natural air currents and carried by birds and animals. Moisture and a timber host are vital for germination. Should spores fall on timber with a moisture content of 28 – 30 %, then germination may take place with the production of fine thread like structures known as hyphae.

Provided the moisture levels remain high, the hyphae enter the cells of the timber causing a breakdown of the cellulose.

The type of fungi generally located in the timbers of structures, usually reside in poorly ventilated sub-floors, the sub floor area below wet areas, exterior timbers and in areas that retain water in the soil.

Fungal decay releases carbon dioxide as part of the natural decay process, making the timber far more attractive to termites. Failure to rectify the problem may well lead to future termite attack. Removal of the moisture source usually alleviates the problem.

RID Pest Control are qualified and experienced in managing wood decay problems are are available to report on and remedy any moisture issues in sub floor areas typically conducive of decay, rising damp, mould and fungal decay / wood rot.

Sub Floor Ventilation

(Whilst not a timber pest, the lack of adequate ventilation can soon lead homeowners down that path!)

Many Australian homes have been built with suspended timber floors, and a large percentage of those houses suffer to some degree from problems due to poor sub floor ventilation.

Inadequate sub-floor ventilation can be due to either non-existent or insufficient ventilation of the sub-floor. Often owners are unaware of the problem, or the potential for trouble until advised by a plumber, builder, pest controller.

This condition is not limited to old homes. Both new and older homes are susceptible, and do commonly suffer these problems.


Dampness and mildew are common signs of poor ventilation in homes and buildings. Not only does excessive dampness have a damaging effect on the structure of a building, it may also cause health problems and also provides a perfect breeding ground for termites and other pests.

Solve your ventilation problems and reduce the risk of Termite attack at the same time, and enjoy a healthier living environment without the unpleasantness of mould, damp musty odours and dampness!
Contact RID Pest Control now for an effective and environmentally friendly solution to your ventilation problems!

If you have a timber pest problem, need professional advice about sub-floor ventilation, treatment for borers, delignification or advice on wood decay we can help.


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