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Through the summer months and into autumn (December-April) one of the most common calls we receive is for the treatment of European wasp nests and infestations. Wasps are known to congregate in areas of human activity because we inadvertently provide ample food, water and shelter to them which promotes their often overwhelming presence.

European Wasp Control
European Wasp

European wasps are quickly becoming more widespread and are capable of inflicting multiple stings to both you and your pets.

European Wasps will often be observed feeding on dog and cat food and pose a serious risk to your pets whilst they are outside. Wasps also congregate around ponds, pools and other water sources and are commonly found building nests in and around homes in built up urban areas. We typically find wasp nests in roof voids, wall cavities and in garden beds around homes in the Ballarat area.

Eradicating a wasp nest can be very dangerous because as soon as a wasp nest is disturbed wasps in the nest will become aggressive, take flight and attempt to sting anyone that threatens them.

RID Pest Control can quickly, safely and effectively eradicate any European wasp nest located on your property. In fact you have an obligation to eradicate European Wasp infestations due to their pest status and significant environmental impact under state laws.

Ballarat Pest Control professionals, RID Pest Control are expert wasp exterminators and have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of wasp and bee problems and deploy only the best, most environmentally friendly methods of control for effective eradication.

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Wasp Baiting

A relatively new concept in situations where a wasp nest cannot be located but the presence of foraging wasps is a considerable risk or troubling for the homeowner or business (eg. cafe with wasps targeting customer meals and drinks) we can customise a proven and registered wasp baiting or trapping program to remotely control european wasp nests. This work requires professional planning and application and is best suited to baiting through the warmer months of January to March.

Contact us for a wasp baiting assessment and plan.

In April 2018 – at the height of the Wasp season we were interviews on Radio 3AW Melbourne by Ross & John as part of the Breakfast Program talking about Wasps! You can listen below:

European Wasps (Vespula germanica) are social insects that live in very large colonies. Nests range in size from 15 centimetres up to 5 metres. There can be up to 4 million cells in the nest and over 100,000 workers. The colony consists of a queen, some males and sterile female workers.  Nest sites vary, and can be underground, in hollow logs, roof voids and even wall cavities. They are swift fliers and considered aggressive and dangerous. They may sting several times when disturbed or agitated. The sting is extremely painful often described as intense burning. The stinging wasp emits a scent chemical (pheromone) that alerts other European wasps to attack, and they can attack in numbers. They may forage for food up to half a kilometre away from the nest.  


Bees are important to our environment, as they are the primary pollinators to our native species of flora. Although introduced to Australia essentially for honey production, Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) are also vitally important for the role they play in pollination of both commercial and domestic crops. Honey bees that are present in the wild are a declared invasive pest, rightfully so, they out compete native bees, are vectors for disease and apiary pests and because they aren’t managed by beekeeping typically present with aggressive genetics. A wild bee hive is considered a feral bee hive.

RID Pest Control prefer not to eradicate bees unless they are posing a risk to people in their home, workplace etc… We aim to remove bees without using pesticides and are some of the only Pest Controllers who aim to keep the bees alive!

In many cases where our customers phone up with a feral bee problem they’re unable to be removed without extensive demolition to walls or roofing which means the only feasible approach is to destroy the feral bee hive – A last resort that sometimes can’t be avoided. Your technician will assess the best way to deal with any feral honey bee hive upon arrival.

Our experienced team of professionals can provide a prompt and reliable service to eradicate your bee or wasp problem just give us a call or request a free pest control quote and we’ll get RID of ’em

NB: The best time for us to eradicate wasps or bees is in the early morning or late afternoon when the wasps/bees are less active and are within their hive or nest, they’ll still attack at this time but are typically contained to their hive or nest and can be quickly controlled. So get in touch today and we’ll provide you with a great price and arrange a suitable time to eradicate those stinging, buzzing annoying wasps or bees for you.

Price Guide

Feral Bee Hive or Wasp Nest Eradication – Expect to pay around $200

Our pricing can vary and depend on size of the infestation and complexity of access to the nest or hive. We guarantee to eradicate them!

Same day emergency response – after hours appointments may be available. Give us a call to discuss.

We can typically accommodate same day and emergency wasp and bee eradication and some after hours work – please contact the office to discuss. This is particularly beneficial if for example EUROPEAN WASPS have chewed their way through your plaster wall and are making access inside the home.

If European Wasps are making access inside your home DO NOT attempt to spray them… wasps will not drop like flies and are most likely to start attacking you! European wasps don’t sting once… they keep stinging and it’s not uncommon for a single wasp to inflict many stings… add a few more wasps and you’re even closer to severe medical harm! Call RID PEST CONTROL for EXPERT WASP ERADICATION! – 0414 567 977

Our price guides are just that! Many factors can affect the prices we provide on our website, we can however give you a tailor made quote so you know what you’re up for before you engage our services.