Local Means Local, Not A Gimmick!

Every single week our technicians are asked if we’re local! The fact of the matter is YES WE ARE LOCAL!

This question always raises some discussion and we felt the need to author an update that reaffirms our position as a truly local Ballarat Pest Control Business!

We know our other local pesties as well and are often referring excess work to other local pest control businesses in Ballarat, especially during the busy season (Oct – Mar) so trust us when we say we know who the locals are and who is just selling a gimmick!

We are astounded that other companies – typically based out of Melbourne pretend to be local to Ballarat or that they can offer some benefit to the Ballarat community because they pretend to be local! The gimmick is obvious to us, because we know who is local and who isn’t but we are desperately concerns about the deception and misleading nature of marketing and communication from some of our industry colleagues.

What’s the gimmick? Well it’s typically setting up a seemingly local Ballarat phone number, diverting it to a Melbourne or overseas based call centre and pretending to be a Ballarat local business…. some even advertise saying they’re local yet are based in Melbourne, owned by international conglomerates and siphon profits out of our beautiful community put it in the pockets of people who’ve quite possibly never even heard of Ballarat!

We’re passionate locals and thought we’d set the record straight here with a quick run down of who’s local and who’s selling you a gimmick!

If you can’t use RID Pest (as much as we’d love you to), please use another local small business!

Local Ballarat Pest Controllers

  • RID Pest Control – Call us on 0414 567 977
  • Down n Dead Pest Control – Diane & Christian
  • Ballarat Pest Control – Glenn
  • Performance Pest Control – Graeme

It’s not hard to work out who’s truly local because there aren’t really many of us who’ve stood the test of time, been local and around for many years. These guys are all locals, they live in Ballarat, they work in Ballarat and well frankly can be relied upon!

We’ve heard stories and done our own price checks in the past – you’ll be getting ripped off if you choose one of the below companies:


  • Flick Pest Control – Bendigo is their closest branch, also internationally owned.
  • Rentokil – Internationally owned, Melbourne Based.
  • Dawson’s Australia – Melbourne Based, Pretend to be local and advertises this way – very misleading.
  • Mark’s Pest Control – Actually an Adelaide business with International ownership and has technicians in Melbourne.
  • Adam’s Pest Control – Internationally owned, Melbourne based.
The list we’ve given here and above is not exhaustive and we do not endorse any particular local company where we aren’t able to help – we’re popular and often have a lead time of several weeks during the busier months. If you’re unsure, can’t wait for RID and want some advice, give us a buzz!