DIY: Snails & Slug Repellents

Snails & Slug Repellents

Garden Snail

I guess snails and slugs have some purpose in the grand scheme of things, but when they start destroying vegetable crops, ornamentals and leaving silvery trails, it becomes difficult to see just what good they may serve.

There are a few natural DIY cures that have some success, although I once knew an organic vegetable grower who used to rise early and collect snails from his crops using a torch and a bucket, declaring this was still the most effective method of control.


If protecting a small area, surround the area with a circle of powdered chalk. It has been suggested that snails and slugs will not cross the chalk.

Fizzy Drink

The owner of this suggestion insists that the brew must be Coca Cola. Coke poured into jar lids and dispersed around the garden will, because of it’s sugary content attract these molluscs. It seems the acids in the soft drink will destroy them when they slither onto the lids (It does this to snails and we drink this stuff?)


Pour beer into a large saucer (or an unused Frisbee) and leave in a shallow hole in the garden, allowing a lip around 6mm to project above soil level. It seems the alcohol intoxicates and then commences to break down their bodies. (Not a drinker, but know some who would declare this a waste of good beer)


Plain cooking salt sprinkled on snails and slugs will result in almost instant destruction. Try to avoid the tendency to bury the victims in salt. A small amount will suffice and we’ve even had clients tell us they routinely pocket a handful of the McDonald’s salt sachet’s to keep in the garage or garden shed just for this purpose!


If all else fails and slugs or snails are a real pest problem around your home then contact the team of professional pest control experts at RID Pest Control today for an obligation free discussion about letting us get RID of slugs or snails!


There has been little to no scientific testing on the listed hints. Most methods are old time favourites, traditionally used by our great grandparents. They are offered in good faith but RID Pest Control makes no guarantees, and takes no responsibility for the effectiveness or results or outcomes of these suggestions. All chemicals, even natural ones, need to be used with care. Always use personal protective equipment when using chemicals and store leftovers out of reach of children.

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