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RID Pest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Updated: 27/05/2020

To our valued clients,

We hope you’re keeping well during these current events. We wanted to reassure you that RID Pest Control is constantly monitoring the situation and changes to information on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please know that the well-being of our clients and staff is our utmost concern and we are fully committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and staff.

For this reason, we have implemented several extra control measures during this period. As professionals who deal with pests and pesticides on a daily basis, sanitation and prevention of contamination is second nature to us.

We have implemented several noticeable changes that you may see at each service visit:

  1. We request that clients please advise us at booking if you are suffering from any sickness, especially flu or cold like illnesses. This includes any person who ordinarily resides at the property we are to attend;
  2. We will be routinely washing hands, sanitising our hands upon arrival and wearing disposable gloves for the duration of the service;
  3. Refraining from shaking hands or greetings of a close physical nature;
  4. Wearing additional PPE as required and where possible;
  5. Maintaining 2m personal distance;
  6. Cleaning and applying disinfectants to all equipment between service visits;
  7. We may in some cases limit the scope and extent of internal services provided. We’ll advise you if you should expect this.
  8. Ensuring that we limit contact with surfaces in your premises and offering to apply disinfectants and clean any points of contact we make with door handles, benches, furniture etc;
  9. Allowing extra time on our schedule so we can talk you through anything we need you to do on arrival;
  10. Not accepting any drinks, food or offers to sit down at customer’s homes – please don’t think us ungrateful for this offer, we are navigating this together.

As restrictions ease and we get back to our normal duties we will review our limitations and policies often some changes we’ve implemented in the field may not be reflected here. We appreciate your support and understanding during this most unusual time.

You can help us maintain a safe working environment by preparing your premises for us to complete our work by:

  • Letting us know, in advance, if you or anyone in your premises has cold or flu like symptoms;
  • Disinfecting/Cleaning door handles before we arrive (if we are treating inside your premises);
  • Pay by direct deposit to avoid our exposure to cash or cards etc;
  • Ensure all kid’s toys, pet toys, food/water bowls etc. are out of the way so we don’t need to touch them to move them. Ideally 1m away from internal walls, outdoors away from the building or moved inside.
  •  Be prepared to vacate your premises by taking a walk or drive whilst we perform our services;

We thank you in advance for your understanding and full disclosure, if we need to reschedule because of any concern held by our staff or you in relation to continuing with a service.

In these times, there is an obvious and increased need for hygiene related services and RID are able to provide disinfection and sanitary services to help protect your business or workplace.

Got a business? Hygiene / Santising Services are offered by us!

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to our Covid-19 update please contact us on 0414 567 977.

Stay safe, stay well and remember we’ll get RID of ‘em.

Note: We may make further and sudden changes to our temporary Coronavirus related policies and procedures – these changes may affect you and the service we can provide – Any future changes may not be reflected here immediately – your understanding that this is a fast, evolving situation is appreciated.